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Mp3juices - Kim kardashian and kanye west are heading for a divorce

Kim kardashian and kanye west are heading for a divorce

31 Dec, 2016

We all know after what happened recently in the lives of Kim and Kanye, Kim start having doubts on her marriage with Kanye. It all was started when Kim was being robbed at gunpoint in Paris and by the sources close to them Kim was not finding the support she needed at that point from Kanye as she deserved.  Just after this traumatic incident with Kim, Kanye went to a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized during his tour of United States. During that phase Kim supported Kanye and was with him in the hospital but during that phase according to sources Kanye made it difficult for Kim to keep supporting him due to his bad behavior. Also then after Kanye was released from the hospital he and Kim was leaving under separate roofs for the security of their kids. And this made Kanye more furious. Now according to sources doctors allowed Kanye to move back in with his kids and wife but as by sources this also not looking to help Kanye and Kim’s relation as their relationship is still under strain.  An insider tells that “ Kanye has total become a different person as the man Kim was married to “.  Also many sources have confirmed that their relationship is not working out and the couple is all set to quit, also some sources claims that their relationship is long gone. Another source tells that “ Kim trying very hard to make this marriage work but due to bad behavior of Kanye things really seemed to get worse”.

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